Let’s talk siblings, the bond runs so deep. How can someone drive you crazy, like seriously crazy, but at the same time you’d take a bullet for them? Over the years I’ve seen siblings be so upset and each other but no one better speak a word against them!  No one can understand you like a sibling, no one gets the jokes you tell or can reminisce the same memories with you. I was  blessed with only a very quiet younger brother, apparently I took all the talking gene, lol. But I know I could call on him if I ever need to. Siblings- one of Gods gifts.
I share a lot of kids and love stories but I can never stress enough the importance of getting them ALL! The grands and the great grands-
Time is a theft 
Get the pictures….

And the greatest of these is love-
I absolutely love shooting a wedding!  It’s such a beautiful moment. The joining of families, and the  celebration that follows. But  when the groom gets that first look at his bride, honestly, I don’t even know if my camera can capture it! It’s such a pure moment of awe- I often wonder if every groom actually breathe in that moment? The world totally disappears when the bride and groom look at each other- I’m always so honored to just be there and experience that moment. 

I LOVE working with kiddos! They are pure magic! Everything is new and exciting! The need to explore and the imagination simply captures the camera! If we could just be like them once in a while! ( and have some of their energy)- Kids and fall are my favorite!

Today I’m talking about baby bumps! Is there anything more precious? It amazes me God’s design for our bodies and how we are able to carry and grow life! It seems there’s nothing that makes a woman more softer and tender, but also crazy fierce! We will move mountains to protect our babies! I love getting to work with mommas!  They have a twinkle in their eye like they know a secret…

Fall- It's here!!! For me, fall kicks off the holiday season and that means FAMILY time, gatherings, food, fun, togetherness- I love Fall the most- and the camera loves it too! Some how it captures the feelings and love between people! This family is beautiful! Just look at them~it was great working with them!

Senior shoots are a favorite! They get to be a little more creative, and show more personality! This sweet girl, Sam, (and I mean sweet, caring, helpful the list goes on and on)  wanted flowers in her shoot. We missed the "prime" time for the best fields, so we used a near-by park with a garden center. She let me put her in the mist of all the shrubs! The skies were rainy and all the clouds but boy it made for some great shots! 
Why is it so hard for me to decided the main photo I want to show off for my business card? I love the memories and the images I've captured!
 The three bottom kiddos - I've know them since their birth. This was taken at their grand parents home. Oh we can't even begin to talk about them. 
The young couple-they were recently engaged- just look at that look of love. 
The couple in on the bottom, they've been married, suffered loss but have so much love for each other.
 Family! Its all about family in that middle left photo. 
Just look at those parents-to-be! Oh the joys of the journey they are beginning! 
That young couple, well she's my baby- she was getting married to her soulmate- It was below freezing and we captured this shot in 5 seconds! 
The senior in the red chair was one of my early shoots, and I'm still so proud.
 The girl walking along the bank is one of " my girls". When you have 3 daughters you tend to pick up some extra daughters a long the way, She's one of them-
I've fallen in love with shooting babies! He was the first of boys in a family of ALL girls-4 sister!
That wedding shot is my girl on her wedding day! It was picture perfect!
And my two model girls are picture perfect! They would pose without any prompts. I couldnt ask for better kiddos to work with!
See! how can I pick....
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